Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3403

Chapter 2 Section 3403


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Nebraska Poultry and Egg Resources Act, unless the context otherwise requires:

(1) Department shall mean the Department of Agriculture;

(2) Director shall mean the Director of Agriculture;

(3) Committee shall mean the advisory committee created by section 2-3404;

(4) Nebraska Poultry Industries, Inc. shall mean a body corporate formed under the provisions of the Nonprofit Corporation Act, the articles of incorporation of which were received by the Secretary of State and filed for record on January 13, 1970, and recorded as film roll number 35, Miscellaneous Incorporations at page 2206. Its purpose and objective is to promote, improve, and protect all branches of the poultry and egg industry and to coordinate all the activities of its member divisions of the poultry industry and to act as their agent in promoting such activities favorably to the poultry industry as a whole for the entire State of Nebraska;

(5) Person shall mean any individual, firm, group of individuals, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, unincorporated association, cooperative, or other entity, public or private;

(6) Egg producer shall mean any person engaged in the production of commercial eggs who owns or contracts for the care of layer-type chickens;

(7) Turkey producer shall mean a person who owns or contracts for the care of turkeys sold through commercial channels;

(8) First purchaser shall mean any person who receives or otherwise acquires poultry or eggs from a producer and processes, prepares for marketing, or markets such poultry or eggs, including the poultry or eggs of his or her own production, and shall include a mortgagee, pledgee, lienor, or other person, public or private, having a claim against the producer when the actual or constructive possession of such poultry or eggs is taken as part payment or in satisfaction of such mortgage, pledge, lien, or claim;

(9) Poultry shall mean domestic chickens and turkeys;

(10) Commercial eggs shall mean, in the case of eggs produced in this state, eggs from domesticated chickens that are sold for human consumption either in shell egg form or for further processing and, in the case of eggs produced outside of this state, graded eggs sold to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, or food purveyors;

(11) Egg products shall mean commercial products produced, in whole or in part, from shell eggs;

(12) Market development shall mean research and educational programs which are directed toward (a) better and more efficient production, marketing, and utilization of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof produced for resale, (b) better methods, to include, but not be limited to, public relations and other promotion techniques, for the maintenance of present markets and for the development of new or larger domestic or foreign markets and for the sale of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof, and (c) the prevention, modification, or elimination of trade barriers which obstruct the free flow of poultry, eggs, and the products thereof to market;

(13) Commercial channels shall mean the sale of poultry, eggs, or the products thereof for any use when sold to any commercial buyer, dealer, processor, or cooperative or to any person who resells any poultry, eggs, or the products thereof;

(14) Case shall mean a unit of thirty dozen eggs;

(15) Breaker shall mean a person engaged in the further processing of commercial eggs;

(16) Sale shall include any pledge or mortgage of poultry, eggs, or the products thereof to any person;

(17) Retailer shall mean a person who sells eggs or offers eggs for sale directly to consumers;

(18) Wholesaler or distributor shall mean a person who sells eggs to retailers, food purveyors, other wholesalers, or other distributors; and

(19) Food purveyor shall mean a person who operates a restaurant, cafeteria, hotel, hospital, nursing home, boarding house, school, government institution, or other place where eggs are served in the shell or broken out for immediate consumption.


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