Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3253

Chapter 2


Improvement project areas; petition; contents; hearing.

(1) A hearing on a proposed improvement project area, on altering the boundaries of an existing improvement project area, or on adopting a proposed project may be initiated by petition of landowners. All petitions filed with the board of the natural resources district must contain:

(a) A statement of the problem involved;

(b) A presentation of the project proposed;

(c) A description of the area to be affected by the project; and

(d) A request for a hearing.

(2) If there are twenty or less landowners in the improvement project area, then the signatures of at least one-fourth must be on the petition. If there are more than twenty, then the signature of ten landowners shall be sufficient. Any petition regarding a project which would provide a revenue-producing continuing service shall contain so many signatures of landowners as shall in the board's discretion indicate enough interest to generate sufficient revenue to recover any reimbursable costs should a project be authorized.