Nebraska Revised Statute 2-3211

Chapter 2


Districts; change of boundaries, division, or merger; hearing; order; notice.

After the hearing, as provided in section 2-3210, the commission shall determine, upon the basis of the proposed change, upon the facts and evidence presented at such hearing, upon consideration of the standards provided in section 2-3203 relative to the organization of districts, and upon such other relevant facts and information as may be available, whether such changes in boundaries, division, or merger would promote the public interest and would be administratively and financially practicable and feasible. The commission shall make and record such determination and shall make such other determinations as are required by sections 2-3211.01 and 2-3211.02. The department shall notify the boards of the affected districts of such determinations in writing. No change in boundaries, division, or merger as provided for by sections 2-3207 to 2-3212 shall take place unless the boards of the affected districts favor such change, division, or merger.