Nebraska Revised Statute 2-304

Chapter 2


Use of vacant public land; conditions; application; response.

(1) A state agency or municipality having title to vacant public land may permit community organizations to use such lands for community garden purposes. Such use of vacant public land may be conditioned on the community organization having liability insurance and accepting liability for injury or damage resulting from use of the vacant public land for community garden purposes. State agencies and municipalities may adopt and promulgate rules, regulations, ordinances, or resolutions to establish an application process for a community garden. The applicant may include a request for access to a fire hydrant or other source of water owned or operated by the state agency or municipality or by a utility district in order to provide water to the community garden. The state agency, municipality, or utility district shall consider whether to supply the water to the applicant at a reduced or fixed rate.

(2) A state agency or municipality which receives an application pursuant to this section shall respond to the applicant within sixty days from the date on which the application is received and shall make a final determination within one hundred eighty days from such date.