Nebraska Revised Statute 2-271

Chapter 2


County agricultural society; reinstatement; reformation of board.

If the last president and secretary or treasurer, chairperson and other officers, or the officers performing the functions of the offices, or any of them, of the county agricultural society renewing or reviving its corporate existence are dead at the time of the renewal or refuse or neglect to act pursuant to section 2-267, the directors of the society or the successors of them, if not less than two, may elect a successor to the officer or officers who are dead or who refuse or neglect to act pursuant to section 2-267. In any case where there are less than two directors of the society living or if any of them refuse or neglect to act for the purpose of renewing or reviving the corporate existence, the county board may appoint as many directors as necessary, together with the surviving director who is ready and willing to act, to constitute a board of five directors to conduct necessary business until, within ninety days, an annual meeting is held and new directors are elected pursuant to the County Agricultural Society Act.


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