Nebraska Revised Statute 2-221

Chapter 2


County fairs; county powers.

Counties in the State of Nebraska are hereby authorized to establish and maintain county fair boards, to purchase, hold, and improve real estate for the purpose of holding county fairs, to convey the same, to levy and collect taxes for such purposes, and to do all other things necessary for the proper management of such county fairs. Property acquired for such purpose by an elected county fair board shall be held in the name of the (name of county) County Fair.



  • A county which has not accepted in the manner prescribed statute authorizing it to establish and maintain county fair is without authority to levy taxes therefor. Richardson v. Kildow, 116 Neb. 648, 218 N.W. 429 (1928).

  • Under this section, counties may establish and maintain county fairs by going through certain procedure and by vote of the people as provided in subsequent sections. Wilson v. Thayer County Agricultural Society, 115 Neb. 579, 213 N.W. 966 (1927), 52 A.L.R. 1393 (1927).