Nebraska Revised Statute 2-2104

Chapter 2


Director; powers; agreements authorized.

The Director of Agriculture, on behalf of the State of Nebraska, is specifically authorized to agree that:

(1) The State of Nebraska and the Director of Agriculture as its agent will abide by the determinations and apportionments of the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States provided for in the federal act specified in section 2-2101 and the payments made by the Secretary of Agriculture pursuant thereto;

(2) The returned assets of the Nebraska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation and the income therefrom will be used only for such of the rural rehabilitation purposes permissible under the charter of the Nebraska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation as may from time to time be agreed upon by the Director of Agriculture of Nebraska and the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States; and

(3) The Nebraska Rural Rehabilitation Corporation funds may be distributed to public colleges, universities, or vocational or technical schools exclusively owned and controlled by the State of Nebraska or a governmental subdivision thereof. The agreement may provide for the qualifications of recipients to be benefited by the funds and for the method of their selection, but nothing in this section shall be construed to limit the director from agreeing to any other reasonable provisions in such agreement. Administrative costs for the distribution of these funds shall not exceed five percent of the book value of the entire fund and the administrative costs may include clerical and administrative services.

The Director of Agriculture is further authorized and empowered, upon behalf of the State of Nebraska, to make such provisions as may be necessary to hold the United States and its Secretary of Agriculture free from liability by virtue of the transfer of the assets and income therefrom to him or her under sections 2-2101 to 2-2107.