Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1599

Chapter 2


Statement of purpose.

In order to provide for the effective conservation and management of Nebraska's water resources, the Legislature hereby endorses the concept of a state water planning and review process. The purpose of this planning process shall be to coordinate and direct the planning efforts of the state agencies and university divisions with responsibilities and interest in the water resources field. This interagency planning process shall be designed to: (1) Provide the Legislature and the citizens of Nebraska with information and alternative methods of addressing important water policy issues and areawide or statewide water resources problems; (2) provide coordinated interagency reviews of proposed local, state, and federal water resources programs and projects; (3) develop and maintain the data, information, and analysis capabilities necessary to provide state agencies and other water interests with a support base for water planning and management activities; (4) provide the state with the capacity to plan and design water resources projects; and (5) conduct any other planning activities necessary to protect and promote the interests of the state and its citizens in the water resources of Nebraska.


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  • R.S.Supp.,1982, § 2-3282.