Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1597

Chapter 2


Nebraska Soil Survey Fund; created; purposes; administration.

The Nebraska Soil Survey Fund is created. The State Treasurer shall credit to such fund for the uses and purposes of sections 2-1596 to 2-1598 such money as is specifically appropriated, and such funds, fees, donations, gifts, services, devises, or bequests of real or personal property received by the department from any source, federal, state, public or private, to be used by the department for the purposes of accelerating the completion of modern soil surveys. The department shall allocate money from the fund for the purposes of sections 2-1596 to 2-1598. The Director of Administrative Services, upon receipt of proper vouchers approved by the department, shall issue warrants on such fund, and the State Treasurer shall countersign and pay from, but not in excess of, the amounts to the credit of such fund.