Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1512

Chapter 2


Department; powers; Water Sustainability Fund; use.

In order to develop Nebraska's water resources, the department, using the process provided for in subsection (4) of section 2-1509, and with the approval of the commission, may acquire interests in water and related land resources projects in the name of the state utilizing the Water Sustainability Fund. Such use of the fund shall be made when the public benefits obtained from the projects or a part thereof are statewide in nature and when associated costs are determined to be more appropriately financed by other than a local organization. Such use of the fund may be made upon the determination by the department and the commission that such acquisition is appropriate under sections 2-1506 to 2-1513. The department, with the approval of the commission, may also acquire interests in water resource projects in the name of the state to meet future demands for usable water. Such water resource projects may include, but not be limited to, the construction of dams and reservoirs to provide surplus water storage capacity for municipal and industrial water demands and for other projects to assure an adequate quantity of usable water. In furtherance of these goals, the department may contract with the federal government or any of its agencies or departments for the inclusion of additional water supply storage space behind existing or proposed structures.