Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1503.03

Chapter 2


Commission; department; powers; authority.

The commission shall have sole power and authority to specify the date and all other terms for the sale of any lands or rights-of-way acquired wholly or in part with funds from the Small Watersheds Flood Control Fund and to require the execution of all necessary documents to complete such sales. The department shall, upon acquisition by the local organization of any such lands or rights-of-way, prepare and file with the register of deeds in the county where such lands or rights-of-way are located an affidavit stating that state funds were utilized for the acquisition of such lands or rights-of-way by the organization receiving such funds and that such lands or rights-of-way cannot be sold, conveyed, granted, or in any way transferred by such organization except at the direction of the commission and in compliance with its rules and regulations.