Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1245

Chapter 2


Horseracing industry participants; rights.

(1) A horseracing industry participant shall be entitled to reasonable treatment from those licensed to conduct thoroughbred race meets.

(2) Private property belonging to a horseracing industry participant at a racetrack facility shall not unlawfully be converted, seized, damaged, or destroyed by racetrack employees or agents without compensation.

(3) A horseracing industry participant shall not be deemed to forfeit or waive any right to privacy without reasonable cause guaranteed by law by virtue of being licensed by the state, by entry upon licensed horseracing facilities, or by engaging in the sport of horseracing in this state.

(4) A horseracing industry participant may not be excluded from the grounds of any licensed racetrack by track management without a hearing by the stewards at such racetrack unless there are reasonable grounds to believe such participant has committed a felony or is posing a physical danger to himself or herself, to others, or to animals in his or her care or his or her physical presence will bring immediate harm to horseracing. Such hearing shall be held as soon as practicable and shall be given first priority and precedence by the stewards. This subsection shall not apply to the allocation of stalls pursuant to an agreement between the horseracing industry participant and the licensed racetrack.

(5) A horseracing industry participant shall be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of his or her person without probable cause and shall be free from unreasonable searches and seizures of his or her housing, vehicle, papers, and effects.

(6) If a horseracing industry participant has been charged with a violation of a rule of racing which involves a substantial risk of loss or suspension of his or her license or which involves a criminal penalty, he or she shall be entitled to the following protections as a matter of right:

(a) To remain silent;

(b) To the benefit of counsel, including the opportunity to confer with counsel in preparation of a defense;

(c) To a speedy and public hearing;

(d) To present evidence and to testify in person at his or her hearing;

(e) To cross-examine the witnesses who testify against him or her; and

(f) To have prospective witnesses excluded from the hearing room during the hearing.

Nothing in this section shall prevent a horseracing industry participant from knowingly waiving any rights afforded under this subsection.

(7) A horseracing industry participant shall not be required to waive his or her constitutional rights nor the rights granted pursuant to sections 2-1243 to 2-1246 as a condition of pursuing a livelihood in this state or at any licensed thoroughbred horseracing facility.