Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1208

Chapter 2


Race meetings; tax; fees.

For all race meetings, every corporation or association licensed under the provisions of sections 2-1201 to 2-1218 relating to horseracing shall pay the tax imposed by section 2-1208.01 and shall also pay to the commission the sum of sixty-four one hundredths of one percent of the gross sum wagered by the parimutuel method at each licensed racetrack enclosure during the calendar year. For race meetings devoted principally to running live races, the licensee shall pay to the commission the sum of fifty dollars for each live racing day that the licensee serves as the host track for intrastate simulcasting and twenty-five dollars for any other live racing day.

No other license tax, permit tax, occupation tax, or excise tax or racing fee, except as provided in this section and in sections 2-1203 and 2-1208.01, relating to horseracing shall be levied, assessed, or collected from any such licensee by the state or by any county, township, district, city, village, or other governmental subdivision or body having power to levy, assess, or collect any such tax or fee.



  • This section imposes a tax directly upon the licensee racetrack. Section 77-2701 et seq. impose a sales tax upon the purchaser. Thus, section 77-2701 does not conflict with the provisions of this section which prohibit any additional taxes from being imposed upon the licensee. Governors of Ak-Sar-Ben v. Department of Rev., 217 Neb. 518, 349 N.W.2d 385 (1984).