Nebraska Revised Statute 2-1204

Chapter 2


Horseracing; licenses; applications.

The Nebraska State Fair Board, a county fair board, a county agricultural society for the improvement of agriculture organized under the County Agricultural Society Act, or a corporation or association of persons organized and carried on for civic purposes or which conducts a livestock exposition for the promotion of the livestock or horse-breeding industries of the state and which does not permit its members to derive personal profit from its activities by way of dividends or otherwise may apply to the commission for a license to conduct horseracing at a designated place within the state. Such application shall be filed with the executive director of the commission at least sixty days before the first day of the horserace meeting which such corporation or association proposes to hold or conduct, shall specify the day or days when and the exact location where it is proposed to conduct such racing, and shall be in such form and contain such information as the commission shall prescribe.


Cross References

  • County Agricultural Society Act, see section 2-250.