Nebraska Revised Statute 18-822

Chapter 18


Tax levy.

(1) To assist in defraying the expenses of a regional metropolitan transit authority, and to such extent as in its discretion and judgment may be necessary, the board shall annually certify a tax levy for the fiscal year commencing on the following January 1. Such levy shall not exceed in any one year ten cents on each one hundred dollars on the taxable value of the taxable property that at the time of the levy is located in or during the ensuing fiscal year will be located in any municipality in which such authority shall be deemed to have operating jurisdiction pursuant to section 18-804.

(2) The board shall by resolution, on or before September 30 of each year, certify such tax levy to the county assessor of the county or counties in which the authority operates. If in any year the full amount so certified and collected is not needed for the current purposes of such authority, the balance shall be credited to the operating fund of such authority and, as the board in its discretion deems convenient, to other reserve funds of such authority.