Nebraska Revised Statute 18-807

Chapter 18


Regional metropolitan transit board; name; temporary board; vacancy.

(1) The governing body of a regional metropolitan transit authority shall be a board to be known as the Regional Metropolitan Transit Board of ................. (filling out the blank to coincide with the name of such regional metropolitan transit authority).

(2) As of the effective date of the conversion of a transit authority established under the Transit Authority Law into a regional metropolitan transit authority under section 18-804, the board of the existing transit authority shall serve as the temporary board to govern the regional metropolitan transit authority until a board is elected pursuant to section 18-808.

(3) Any vacancy on the temporary board of a regional metropolitan transit authority shall be filled by appointment by the mayor of the city that appointed the members of such temporary board, with the approval of the governing bodies of such municipalities, to serve the unexpired portion of the temporary board member's term.

Cross References

  • Transit Authority Law, see section 14-1826.