Nebraska Revised Statute 18-802

Chapter 18


Legislative findings and declarations.

The Legislature finds and declares that:

(1) Passenger, truck, and pedestrian traffic on streets located in municipalities within metropolitan statistical areas or combined statistical areas have been and continue to be severely congested by the number of motor vehicles operating within such municipalities;

(2) Such existing traffic congestion has created a dangerous hazard to the lives and property of pedestrians and those traveling in private and public vehicles and obstructs the administration of firefighting forces and police protection forces in such municipalities;

(3) The availability of public transportation within such municipalities plays an increasing role in the recruitment and retention of both businesses and employees within such municipalities;

(4) Public transportation fosters economic development, real estate investment, and local job creation, and investment in new public transportation projects provides both short-term and long-term impacts on economic growth;

(5) Interconnectivity of public transportation systems across multiple municipalities within the same metropolitan statistical area or combined statistical area can play a critical role in fostering economic growth, avoiding duplication of service, ensuring equitable access to transportation service throughout contiguous urbanized areas, and supporting transportation that crosses jurisdictional boundaries; and

(6) Relieving congestion on the streets of such municipalities and providing for the establishment of comprehensive regional public transportation systems in such municipalities is a matter of public interest and statewide concern.