Nebraska Revised Statute 18-418

Chapter 18


Electric service; negotiated rates; requirements.

In order to help stimulate economic development, any municipality furnishing electric service may, but shall not be required to, negotiate, fix, establish, and collect rates, tolls, rents, and other charges different from those of other users and consumers for electrical energy and associated services or facilities. The different rates, tolls, rents, and other charges would be effective for a period not to exceed five years, for services, commodities, and facilities sold, furnished, or supplied to or for the benefit of any project approved pursuant to the Quality Jobs Act beginning operation on or after July 1, 1995, that has new or additional energy consumption with a minimum electrical demand of five thousand kilowatts during the applicable billing demand period with a minimum annual load factor of fifty-five percent. In no case shall such charges be less than the cost of supplying such services.


  • Laws 1995, LB 828, § 1.

Cross References

  • Quality Jobs Act, see section 77-4901.