Nebraska Revised Statute 18-3413

Chapter 18


Board; minutes; record; meetings; public records; reports.

(1) The board shall cause minutes and a record to be kept of all its proceedings. Meetings of the board shall be subject to the Open Meetings Act.

(2) All of a land bank's records and documents shall be considered public records for purposes of sections 84-712 to 84-712.09.

(3) The board shall provide monthly reports to the municipality or municipalities that created the land bank on the board's activities pursuant to the Nebraska Municipal Land Bank Act. The board shall also provide an annual report to the municipality or municipalities that created the land bank, the Speaker of the Legislature, the chairperson of the Executive Board of the Legislative Council, the Revenue Committee of the Legislature, and the Urban Affairs Committee of the Legislature by March 1 of each year summarizing the board's activities for the prior calendar year. The reports submitted to the Legislature shall be submitted electronically.

(4) The annual report required under subsection (3) of this section shall include, but not be limited to:

(a) A listing of each property owned by the land bank at the end of the prior calendar year, including how long each such property has been owned by the land bank and whether such property was acquired utilizing the automatically accepted bid under section 18-3417 or 18-3418;

(b) A list of entities and individuals who received more than two thousand five hundred dollars from the land bank in the prior calendar year;

(c) A list of financial institutions in which the land bank has deposited funds;

(d) The percentage of total parcels located in each municipality which are held by the land bank; and

(e) A statement certifying that all board members and employees of the land bank comply with the conflict of interest requirements in sections 18-3407 and 18-3415.

Cross References

  • Open Meetings Act, see section 84-1407.