Nebraska Revised Statute 18-3306

Chapter 18


Additions; plat; acknowledgment and recording; effect.

The acknowledgment and recording of a plat created pursuant to section 18-3304 is equivalent to a deed in fee simple of such portion of the premises platted as is on such plat set apart for streets or other public use or as is on such plat dedicated to charitable, religious, or educational purposes.


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  • 1. Effect

  • 2. Miscellaneous

  • 1. Effect

  • When plat of proposed subdivision is prepared, executed, and filed by landowner without any representations by city with regard to disputed easement, it operates as deed of portion of land set apart for public use. Vakoc Constr. Co. v. City of Wayne, 191 Neb. 45, 213 N.W.2d 721 (1974).

  • By dedication of plat, landowners transferred the fee in the street to city. Hammer v. Department of Roads, 175 Neb. 178, 120 N.W.2d 909 (1963).

  • Title conveyed by plat to streets and alleys is a determinable fee. Dell v. City of Lincoln, 170 Neb. 176, 102 N.W.2d 62 (1960).

  • City was entitled to share in rentals from oil and gas produced from under its streets and alleys. Belgum v. City of Kimball, 163 Neb. 774, 81 N.W.2d 205 (1957).

  • Filing of plat is dedication of streets shown thereon. Village of Maxwell v. Booth, 161 Neb. 300, 73 N.W.2d 177 (1955).

  • Where a plat is filed by the undisputed owner and surrounding the land shown in the plat as continuous boundaries there appear the words "streets", it is equivalent to a deed in fee simple conveying that portion of the plat set apart as streets. City of Schuyler v. Verba, 120 Neb. 729, 235 N.W. 341 (1931).

  • Village's acceptance of plat passes fee title of streets and alleys from original owner to the municipality, and village is entitled to grass and other natural products grown thereon. Carroll v. Village of Elmwood, 88 Neb. 352, 129 N.W. 537 (1911).

  • Where land is platted, the fee simple title to the streets and alleys vests in city. Krueger v. Jenkins, 59 Neb. 641, 81 N.W. 844 (1900).

  • Where land is platted, the fee simple title to the streets and alleys vests in the public and said title is held in trust for the use to which it was dedicated. Jaynes v. Omaha Street Ry. Co., 53 Neb. 631, 74 N.W. 67 (1898).

  • A block designated on a plat as a park in the name of the "party signing and filing the plat" is a dedication thereof and does not imply a reservation of the block for private use. Ehmen v. Village of Gothenburg, 50 Neb. 715, 70 N.W. 237 (1897).

  • The acknowledgment and recording of a plat by owner is equivalent to a deed in fee simple to the public to such portion of premises so platted. Lincoln Land Co. v. Ackerman, 24 Neb. 46, 38 N.W. 25 (1888).

  • 2. Miscellaneous

  • Where lands are platted pursuant to this section and are vacated by written instrument, such vacation divests all public rights therein and the streets so vacated become the property of owners of the adjoining lots. Hart v. Village of Ainsworth, 89 Neb. 418, 131 N.W. 816 (1911).

  • Where no plat is signed, acknowledged, certified, or filed and the acts of the owner are relied upon to show a dedication of a street by the owners, the intention must be clearly shown that the owner has abandoned the use to the public. City of Omaha v. Hawver, 49 Neb. 1, 67 N.W. 891 (1896).

  • Where the question whether a block within a plat designated as a park was dedicated to the public, thereby placing title thereto in a city, is once decided by the highest court of the state, such decision will ordinarily be binding in federal courts. Ehmen v. City of Gothenburg, 200 F. 564 (8th Cir. 1912).