Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2720

Chapter 18 Section 2720


Loan fund program; loan servicing requirements.

(1) If the economic development program involves the establishment of a loan fund, the governing body of the city shall designate an appropriate individual to assume primary responsibility for loan servicing and shall provide such other assistance or additional personnel as may be required. The individual may be an employee of the city, or the city may contract with an appropriate business or financial institution for loan servicing functions. The governing body of the city shall be provided with an account of the status of each loan outstanding, program income, and current investments of unexpended funds on a monthly basis. Program income shall mean payments of principal and interest on loans made from the loan fund and the interest earned on these funds.

(2) Records kept on such accounts and reports made to the governing body of the city shall include, but not be limited to, the following information: (a) The name of the borrower; (b) the purpose of the loan; (c) the date the loan was made; (d) the amount of the loan; (e) the basic terms of the loan, including the interest rate, the maturity date, and the frequency of payments; and (f) the payments made to date and the current balance due.

(3) The individual responsible for loan servicing shall monitor the status of each loan and, with the cooperation of the governing body of the city and the primary lender or lenders, take appropriate action when a loan becomes delinquent. The governing body shall establish standards for the determination of loan delinquency, when a loan shall be declared to be in default, and what action shall be taken to deal with the default to protect the interests of the qualifying business, third parties, and the city. The governing body shall establish a process to provide for consultation, agreement, and joint action between the city and the primary lender or lenders in pursuing appropriate remedies following the default of a qualifying business in order to collect amounts owed under the loan.