Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2710.03

Chapter 18 Section 2710.03


Economic development program; applicant; certification regarding tax incentives; city consider information.

(1) At the time that a qualifying business applies to a city to participate in an economic development program, the qualifying business shall certify the following to the city:

(a) Whether the qualifying business has filed or intends to file an application with the Department of Revenue to receive tax incentives under the Nebraska Advantage Act for the same project for which the qualifying business is seeking financial assistance under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act;

(b) Whether such application includes or will include, as one of the tax incentives, a refund of the city's local option sales tax revenue; and

(c) Whether such application has been approved under the Nebraska Advantage Act.

(2) The city may consider the information provided under this section in determining whether to provide financial assistance to the qualifying business under the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act.

Cross References

  • Nebraska Advantage Act, see section 77-5701.