Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2710

Chapter 18


Economic development program; proposed plan, contents.

The governing body of any city proposing to adopt an economic development program shall prepare a proposed plan for such economic development program. The proposed plan shall include:

(1) A description of the city's general community and economic development strategy;

(2) A statement of purpose describing the city's general intent and proposed goals for the establishment of the economic development program;

(3) A description of the types of businesses and economic activities that will be eligible under the program for the city's assistance;

(4) A statement specifying the total amount of money that is proposed to be directly collected from local sources of revenue by the city to finance the program, whether the city desires the authority to issue bonds pursuant to the Local Option Municipal Economic Development Act to provide funds to carry out the economic development program, the time period within which the funds from local sources of revenue are to be collected, the time period during which the program will be in existence, and a basic preliminary proposed budget for the program;

(5) A description of the manner in which a qualifying business will be required to submit an application for financial assistance, including the type of information that will be required from the business, the process that will be used to verify the information, and the steps that will be taken to insure the privacy and confidentiality of business information provided to the city;

(6) A description of the administrative system that will be established to administer the economic development program, including a description of the personnel structure that will be involved and the duties and responsibilities of those persons involved; and

(7) A description of how the city will assure that all applicable laws, regulations, and requirements are met by the city and the qualifying businesses which receive assistance.


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