Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2603

Chapter 18


Terms, defined.

For purposes of the Municipal Infrastructure Redevelopment Fund Act:

(1) Bond means any evidence of indebtedness, including, but not limited to, bonds, notes including notes issued pending long-term financing arrangements, warrants, debentures, obligations under a loan agreement or a lease-purchase agreement, or any similar instrument or obligation;

(2) Fund means the Municipal Infrastructure Redevelopment Fund;

(3) Infrastructure project means any of the following projects, or any combination thereof, to be owned or operated by a municipality: Solid waste management facilities; wastewater, storm water, and water treatment works and systems, water distribution facilities, and water resources projects, including, but not limited to, pumping stations, transmission lines, and mains and their appurtenances; hazardous waste disposal systems; resource recovery systems; airports; port facilities; buildings and capital equipment used in the operations and activities of municipal government and to provide services to the residents of the municipality; convention and tourism facilities; redevelopment projects as defined in section 18-2103; and mass transit and other transportation systems, including parking facilities and excluding public highways and bridges and municipal roads, streets, and bridges;

(4) Municipal allocation amount means, for each municipality, the amount derived by multiplying the amount to be allocated by the fraction determined by dividing the total population of the municipality by the total population of the state living in municipalities, each as determined by the most recent federal census figures certified by the Tax Commissioner as provided in section 77-3,119; and

(5) Municipality means any city of the primary class.