Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2513

Chapter 18


Ballot title; contents; ballots; form.

(1) The ballot title of any measure to be initiated or referred shall consist of:

(a) A briefly worded caption by which the measure is commonly known or which accurately summarizes the measure;

(b) A briefly worded question which plainly states the purpose of the measure and is phrased so that an affirmative response to the question corresponds to an affirmative vote on the measure; and

(c) A concise and impartial statement, of not more than seventy-five words, of the chief purpose of the measure.

(2) The ballots used when voting on an initiative or referendum proposal shall contain the entire ballot title. Proposals for initiative and referendum shall be submitted on separate ballots and the ballots shall be printed in lowercase ten-point type, except that the caption shall be in boldface type. All initiative and referendum measures shall be submitted in a nonpartisan manner without indicating or suggesting on the ballot that they have or have not been approved or endorsed by any political party or organization.


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  • Laws 1984, LB 1010, § 6.