Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2455

Chapter 18 Section 2455


Power project agency; radioactive material; powers.

In addition to all other rights and powers which may be possessed by an agency under the petition for its creation and all amendments thereto or by statute, any such agency which has radioactive material available to it in association with facilities constructed in connection with the production of electrical energy shall have the power to use, sell, lease, transport, dispose of, furnish, or make available under contract or otherwise to any person, firm, corporation, state, county, city, village, governmental subdivision or agency, the United States or any officer, department, bureau or agency thereof, any corporation organized by federal law, or any body politic or corporate any such radioactive material or the energy therefrom; to own, operate, construct, reconstruct, purchase, remove, lease, or otherwise acquire, improve, extend, manage, use, or operate any facilities or any property, real or personal, to engage in or transact business, or enter into any kind of contract or arrangement with anyone, for any of the purposes enumerated in this section, or for or incident to the exercise of any one or more of the powers enumerated in this section, and for any and every service involving, employing, or in any manner pertaining to the use of radioactive material or the energy therefrom; or for the financing or payment of the cost and expense incident to the acquisition, construction, reconstruction, improvement, or operation of any such facilities or property, real or personal, or incident to any obligation or indebtedness entered or incurred by any such agency, for any of the purposes enumerated in this section.


  • Laws 1981, LB 132, § 55.