Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2151

Chapter 18


Redeveloper; penal bond; when required; purpose.

Any redeveloper entering into a contract with an authority for the undertaking of a redevelopment project pursuant to a redevelopment plan which contains the provision outlined in section 18-2147 shall be required before commencing work to execute, in addition to all bonds that may be required, a penal bond with good and sufficient surety to be approved by an authority, conditioned that such contractor shall at all times promptly make payments of all amounts lawfully due to all persons supplying or furnishing the contractor or his or her subcontractors with labor or materials performed or used in the prosecution of the work provided for in such contract, and will indemnify and save harmless the authority to the extent any payments in connection with the carrying out of such contracts which an authority may be required to make under the law.


  • Laws 1979, LB 158, § 14.