Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2140

Chapter 18


Estimate of expenditures; cities; grant funds; levy taxes; issue bonds.

An authority may, at such time as it may deem necessary, file with the governing body an estimate of the amounts necessary to be appropriated by the governing body to defray the expense of the authority. The governing body of such city is hereby authorized, in its discretion, to appropriate from its general fund and to place at the disposal of the authority an amount sufficient to assist in defraying such expense. Any city located within the area of operation of an authority may grant funds to an authority for the purpose of aiding such authority in carrying out any of its powers and functions under the Community Development Law. To obtain funds for this purpose, the city may levy taxes and may issue and sell its bonds. Any bonds to be issued by the city pursuant to the provisions of this section shall be issued in the manner and within the limitations, except as otherwise provided by the Community Development Law, prescribed by the laws of this state for the issuance and authorization of bonds by a city for any public purpose.


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