Nebraska Revised Statute 18-2134

Chapter 18


Bonds; who may purchase.

All public officers, municipal corporations, political subdivisions, and public bodies; all banks, trust companies, bankers, savings banks and institutions, building and loan associations, savings and loan associations, investment companies, and other persons carrying on a banking business; all insurance companies, insurance associations, and other persons carrying on an insurance business; and all executors, administrators, curators, trustees, and other fiduciaries may legally invest any sinking funds, money, or other funds belonging to them or within their control in any bonds or other obligations issued by an authority pursuant to the Community Development Law or by any public housing or redevelopment authority or commission, or agency or any other public body in the United States for redevelopment purposes, when such bonds and other obligations are secured by an agreement between the issuing agency and the federal government in which the issuing agency agrees to borrow from the federal government and the federal government agrees to lend to the issuing agency, prior to the maturity of such bonds or other obligations, money in an amount which, together with any other money irrevocably committed to the payment of interest on such bonds or other obligations, will suffice to pay the principal of such bonds or other obligations with interest to maturity thereon, which money under the terms of the agreement is required to be used for the purpose of paying the principal of and the interest on such bonds or other obligations at their maturity, and such bonds and other obligations shall be authorized security for all public deposits. It is the purpose of this section to authorize any persons, political subdivisions, and officers, public or private, to use any funds owned or controlled by them for the purchase of any such bonds or other obligations. However, nothing contained in this section with regard to legal investments shall be construed as relieving any person of any duty of exercising reasonable care in the selection of securities.