Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1216

Chapter 18


Collection of special assessments; powers; notice; liability.

(1) Any municipality shall have authority to collect the special assessments which it levies and to perform all other necessary functions related thereto including foreclosure. The governing body of any municipality collecting its own special assessments shall direct that notice that special assessments are due shall be mailed or otherwise delivered to the last-known address of the person against whom such special assessments are assessed or to the lending institution or other party responsible for paying such special assessments. Failure to receive such notice shall not relieve the taxpayer from any liability to pay such special assessments and any interest or penalties accrued thereon.

(2) A city of the second class or village collecting its own assessments under this section shall (a) file notice of the assessments and the amount of assessment being levied for each lot or tract of land to the register of deeds of the county in which the municipality is located and (b) file a release of assessment upon final payment of each assessment with the register of deeds. Such register of deeds shall index the assessment against the individual lots and tracts of land and have such information available to the public.