Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1204

Chapter 18 Section 1204


Musical and amusement organizations; power to tax; withdrawal; reauthorization.

When a petition signed by ten percent of the legal voters of such incorporated city or village, as shown by the last regular municipal election, is filed with the clerk of the city or village requesting that the question be submitted to the voters of withdrawing the authority to tax under section 18-1203, the board of trustees or city council or commissioners shall submit the question of withdrawal at the next general municipal election. The question on the ballot shall be as follows: Shall the power heretofore granted in ............, Nebraska, to levy a tax of ........... cents on each one hundred dollars upon the taxable value of all the taxable property of such city or village for the purpose of providing a fund for the maintenance of a municipal band or other vocal, instrumental, or amusement organization for the purpose of rendering free public concerts, music festivals, and entertainments be withdrawn? If a majority of the votes cast favor such withdrawal, no further levy for the purpose shall thereafter be made until the proposition is again resubmitted to the people. After the proposition for withdrawing the right to tax has carried, no further submission of a proposition to levy the tax shall be made for at least two years.


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