Nebraska Revised Statute 18-1202

Chapter 18


Tax anticipation bonds; issuance; interest; redemption.

Any city or village which has levied or intends to levy a tax as authorized by section 18-1201 for the purposes stated in such section may anticipate the collection of such taxes, including the anticipation of collections from levies to be made in future years, and for such purpose may issue tax anticipation bonds which shall be payable in not exceeding twenty years and may bear interest, payable annually or semiannually, at such rate or rates as the mayor and city council or chairperson and village board of trustees may determine. The total of principal and interest payable on such bonds in any calendar year shall not exceed ninety percent of the anticipated tax collection for such calendar year on the assumption that the taxable valuation for such city or village in all succeeding years shall be the same as the taxable valuation most recently determined prior to passage of the ordinance authorizing such bonds and applying the tax levy made or agreed to be made by the city or village, but not exceeding five cents on each one hundred dollars, and using tax due and delinquency dates in effect at the time of passage of the bond ordinance. The city or village may agree in such bond ordinance to make and to continue to make a levy under section 18-1201 until such bonds and interest thereon are fully paid. Such bonds shall be secured by such tax so assessed and levied and shall be payable only out of the funds derived from such tax. It shall be the duty of such city or village on receipt of such taxes to hold the same as a separate fund to the amount of the bonds so issued and the interest thereon for the purpose of paying or redeeming such bonds.


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