Nebraska Revised Statute 17-963

Chapter 17 Section 963


Facility; acquisition or construction; issuance of bonds; interest; election.

(1) The mayor and city council of a city of the second class or the chairperson and village board of trustees of a village adopting the proposition to accept a gift or devise, make such purchase, erect such building or buildings, or maintain, manage, improve, remodel, equip, and operate a facility under section 17-961 shall have the power to borrow money and pledge the property and credit of the city or village upon its municipal bonds, or otherwise, for such purpose or purposes, except that no such bonds shall be issued until after the same have been authorized by a majority vote of the electors voting on the proposition of their issuance at a general municipal election or at a special election called for the submission of such proposition.

(2) The bonds shall be payable in not to exceed twenty years from date and shall bear interest payable annually or semiannually. Notice of the time and place of the election shall be given by publication three successive weeks prior to such election in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in such city or village.

(3) No election shall be called until a petition for the election, signed by at least ten percent of the legal voters of such city or village, has been presented to the city council or to the village board of trustees. The number of voters of the city or village voting for the office of Governor at the last general election prior to the presenting of such petition shall be deemed the number of voters in the city or village for the purpose of determining the sufficiency of such a petition. If such a bond issue in such a city or village is defeated, the proposition of issuing bonds for such a purpose shall not be resubmitted to the voters therein within a period of six months from and after the date of such election.


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  • Effective Date: August 24, 2017