Nebraska Revised Statute 17-949

Chapter 17


Recreation and conservation; real estate; regulation and control; penalties authorized.

Whether the title to real estate under section 17-948 shall be acquired by gift, devise, or purchase, the jurisdiction of the city council, park board, or the village board of trustees shall at once be extended over such real estate; and the city council, park board, or village board of trustees shall have power to enact bylaws, rules, or ordinances for the protection and preservation of any real estate acquired, and to provide rules and regulations for the closing of such park or swimming pool, in whole or in part, to the general public, and charge admission thereto during such closing, either by the municipality or by any person, persons, or corporation leasing the same. The city or village may provide suitable penalties for the violation of such bylaws, rules, or ordinances, and the police power of any such city or village shall be at once extended over the same.


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