Nebraska Revised Statute 17-913

Chapter 17


Sewers; resolution to construct, purchase, or acquire; contents; estimate of cost; special assessment.

When the city council of any city of the second class or the village board of trustees deems it advisable or necessary to build, reconstruct, purchase, or otherwise acquire a sanitary sewer system, a sanitary or storm water sewer, a sewage disposal plant, or pumping stations or sewer outlets for any such city or village, constructed or to be constructed in whole or in part inside or outside of such city or village, it shall declare the advisability and necessity for such system, sewer, plant, station, or outlet in a proposed resolution, which, in the case of pipe sewer construction, shall state the kinds of pipe proposed to be used, and shall state the size or sizes and kinds of sewers proposed to be constructed, and shall designate the location and terminal points thereof. If it is proposed to construct disposal plants, pumping stations, or outlet sewers, the resolution shall refer to the plans and specifications which shall have been made and filed before the publication of such resolution by the city engineer or village engineer or by the engineer who has been employed by any such city or village for such purpose. If it is proposed to purchase or otherwise acquire a sanitary sewer system, a sanitary or storm water sewer, a sewage disposal plant, or pumping stations or sewer outlets, the resolution shall state the price and conditions of the purchase or how the system, sewer, plant, station, or outlet is being acquired. Such engineer shall also make and file, prior to the publication of such resolution, an estimate of the total cost of the proposed improvement. The proposed resolution shall state the amount of such estimated cost. The city council or village board of trustees may assess, to the extent of special benefits, the cost of such portions of the improvements as are local improvements, upon properties found specially benefited thereby as a special assessment. The resolution shall state the outer boundaries of the district or districts in which it is proposed to make special assessments.



  • Notice by mail need not be given of passage of resolution of necessity declaring advisability of constructing sewer system. Jones v. Village of Farnam, 174 Neb. 704, 119 N.W.2d 157 (1963).

  • Resolution of necessity should state outer boundaries of district. Hutton v. Village of Cairo, 159 Neb. 342, 66 N.W.2d 820 (1954).

  • Where sewer improvements are made, special assessments to pay therefor may be levied by resolution of the council and an ordinance therefor is not mandatory. Weilage v. City of Crete, 110 Neb. 544, 194 N.W. 437 (1923).

  • Special assessments, levied by the frontage rule, must not exceed the local benefits conferred. Hurd v. Sanitary Sewer District No. 1 of Harvard, 109 Neb. 384, 191 N.W. 438 (1922).