Nebraska Revised Statute 17-805

Chapter 17 Section 805


Board of public works; organization; meetings; records.

The members of the board of public works in a city of the second class shall organize as soon as practicable after their appointment, by electing a chairperson and secretary, who shall serve until the first meeting in June next following; and thereafter such board shall elect a chairperson and secretary at the first meeting in June each year. In the absence of the regular officers, temporary officers to serve in their places may be chosen by the members present at any meeting. The board of public works shall establish regular times for meetings and may adopt such rules as may be necessary or desirable for the conduct of business. The board of public works shall keep a record of its proceedings and, if there is a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city of the second class, shall publish the minutes of each meeting in such legal newspaper within thirty days after the meeting is held.