Nebraska Revised Statute 17-529.05

Chapter 17


Flood control projects; removal to another site; petition; contents; order for hearing; notice.

Whenever a petition is filed with the county clerk of any county, signed by either the governing board of any city of the second class or village or by one hundred or more electors of any city of the second class or village within such county setting forth: (1) That the United States Government has acquired, or is about to acquire, by purchase or eminent domain or both, the entire site upon which such city or village is located; (2) that the petitioners desire such city or village removed to another site and the corporate identity retained; (3) that a new site has been acquired, or contracted to be acquired, to which the old city or village can be removed; (4) that the petitioners intend to become residents of the new city or village when it is removed to the proposed new site; and (5) offer to pay all costs of the proceedings to effectuate such removal, the county board of such county shall enter an order setting such petition down for hearing not less than thirty nor more than sixty days after the filing of such petition and shall cause notice of such hearing to be given by publication three successive weeks prior to the hearing in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in such county.