Nebraska Revised Statute 17-504

Chapter 17


Corporate name; process; service.

The corporate name of each city of the second class or village shall be the City (or Village) of .........., and all and every process and notice whatever affecting such city or village shall be served in the manner provided for service of a summons in a civil action.



  • Service upon mayor by registered mail in workmen's compensation case was good. Clark v. Village of Hemingford, 147 Neb. 1044, 26 N.W.2d 15 (1947).

  • The chairman of village board has no authority to waive issuance and service of summons and enter voluntary appearance without the official authority of the board. Anstine v. State, 137 Neb. 148, 288 N.W. 525 (1939).

  • Service of process upon a municipal corporation is had by service upon the mayor or chairman, and in his absence upon the clerk, and in absence of such officers, by leaving a certified copy at the office of the clerk, which service brings the corporation and not the official into court. Fogg v. Ellis, 61 Neb. 829, 86 N.W. 494 (1901); Chicago, B. & Q. R. R. Co. v. Hitchcock County, 60 Neb. 722, 84 N.W. 97 (1900).