Nebraska Revised Statute 17-403

Chapter 17


Consolidation; when effective; existing rights and liabilities preserved.

When certified copies of the proceedings for annexation are filed, as contemplated in section 17-402, the annexation shall be deemed complete; and the city or village to which annexation is made shall have the power to pass such ordinances, not inconsistent with law, as will carry into effect the terms of such annexation. After such annexation, the annexed city or village shall be governed as part of the city or village to which annexation is made. Such annexation shall not affect or impair any rights or liabilities then existing for or against either of such cities or villages, but they may be enforced as if no such annexation had taken place.


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  • The vacation by the owner of plat of an addition of a municipality within corporate limits does not ipso facto disconnect said land from the corporation. Kershaw v. Jansen, 49 Neb. 467, 68 N.W. 616 (1896).