Nebraska Revised Statute 17-219.01

Chapter 17


Village; dissolution; property; sale by county board; when authorized.

Notwithstanding any more general law respecting revenue, the county board in any county in this state in which the incorporation of any village has been abolished according to law shall advertise and sell all corporate property of the village for which the county itself has no use or which remains unsold or undisposed of after the expiration of six months from the effective date of the abolishment of the incorporation of such village as provided by the county board for liquidation of any liabilities of the village. After the effective date of the abolishment of the incorporation of the village, the county board shall treat all real estate listed and described in the original plat of such village upon which the owner of such real estate has failed and neglected to pay the taxes on such real estate as if such taxes were originally levied by the county and, notwithstanding any other provision of law, the taxes shall be deemed to have been levied by the county as of the date of the original levy by the village and due and owing as provided by law to the county.


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