Nebraska Revised Statute 17-106

Chapter 17


City council; special meetings.

The mayor or any three city council members of a city of the second class shall have power to call special meetings of the city council, the object of which shall be submitted to the city council in writing; and the call and object, as well as the disposition thereof, shall be entered upon the journal by the city clerk.


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  • Any defect in the call for a special meeting of the council of a city of the second class is immaterial if all members of the council are present and participated in the meeting without objection. Pokorny v. City of Schuyler, 202 Neb. 334, 275 N.W.2d 281 (1979).

  • Notice of special meetings need not be given to a council member out of the state or physically unable to be present. Burrows v. Keebaugh, 120 Neb. 136, 231 N.W. 751 (1930).