Nebraska Revised Statute 16-682

Chapter 16


Municipal utilities; service; delinquent rents; lien; collection.

Any city of the first class operating a municipal utility under section 16-681 shall have the right and power to tax, assess, and collect from the inhabitants of the city such rent or rents for the use and benefit of water, gas, power, light, or heat used or supplied to them by such waterworks, mains, pump, or extension of any system of waterworks, or water supply, or by such gas, light, or heat system, as the city council shall by ordinance deem just or expedient. With respect to water rates, taxes, or rents only, such water rates, taxes, or rents, when delinquent, shall be a lien upon the premises or real estate upon or for which the water is used or supplied, and such water taxes, rents, or rates shall be paid and collected and such lien enforced in such manner as the city council shall by ordinance direct and provide. Any delinquent water rentals which remain unpaid for a period of three months after they become due may be, by resolution of the city council, assessed against such real estate as a special assessment, which special assessment shall be certified by the city clerk to the county clerk of the county in which the city is situated. The county clerk shall place such special assessments on the tax rolls for collection, subject to the same penalties and to be collected in like manner as other city taxes. The city council shall notify in writing nonoccupying owners of premises or their agents whenever their tenants or lessees are sixty days delinquent in the payment of water rent. Thereafter, if the owner of such real estate or his or her agent within the city shall notify the city council in writing to discontinue water service to the real estate or the occupants thereof, it shall be the duty of the officer in charge of the water department promptly to discontinue such service, and rentals for any water furnished to the occupants of such real estate in violation of such notice shall not be a lien thereon.