Nebraska Revised Statute 16-672.01

Chapter 16


Storm sewer districts; ordinance; contents.

Supplemental to any existing law on the subject, whenever the mayor and city council of any city of the first class shall deem it advisable or necessary to construct storm water sewers and appurtenances in any section of the city and the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction of the city as established pursuant to section 16-901, together with outlets for such storm water sewers or appurtenances, the advisability and necessity thereof shall be declared in a proposed ordinance, which shall state the kinds of pipe proposed to be used, and shall include concrete pipe and vitrified clay pipe and any other material deemed suitable and shall state the size or sizes and kinds of sewers proposed to be constructed and shall designate the location and terminal points thereof. The ordinance shall refer to the plans and specifications thereof which shall have been made and filed with the city clerk by the city engineer before publication of such ordinance. The city engineer shall also make and file, prior to the publication of such ordinance, an estimate of the total cost of the proposed improvement, which shall be stated in the ordinance. The mayor and city council shall have power to assess, to the extent of special benefits, the cost of such portions of the improvements as are local improvements, upon properties found specifically benefited. The ordinance shall state the outer boundaries of the district or districts in which it is proposed to make special assessments.