Nebraska Revised Statute 16-666

Chapter 16


Assessments; levy; certification; collection.

Assessments made under sections 16-250 and 16-665 shall be made and assessed in the following manner:

(1) Such assessments shall be made by the city council at any meeting by a resolution fixing the costs of the construction or repair of such work along the lot adjacent thereto as a special assessment thereon, the amount charged against the same, which, with the vote thereon by yeas and nays, shall be recorded in the minutes, and notice of the time of holding such meeting and the purpose for which it is to be held shall be published in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation in the city at least ten days before the same shall be held, or in lieu thereof, personal service may be had upon persons owning or occupying property to be assessed;

(2) All such assessments shall be known as special assessments for improvements, and with the cost of notice shall be levied and collected as a special tax, in addition to the taxes for general revenue purposes, subject to the same penalties and collected in like manner as other city taxes, but such special assessment shall draw interest at a rate not to exceed the rate of interest specified in section 45-104.01, as such rate may from time to time be adjusted by the Legislature, and the same shall be certified to the county clerk at the same time as the next certification for general revenue purposes.


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