Nebraska Revised Statute 16-630

Chapter 16


Curbing and guttering bonds; interest rate; special assessments; how levied.

If curbing, or curbing and guttering, is done upon any street, avenue, or alley in any improvement district in a city of the first class in which paving or other such improvement has been ordered, and the mayor and city council shall deem it expedient to do so, the mayor and city council may, for the purpose of paying the cost of such curbing, or curbing and guttering, cause to be issued bonds of the city, to be called Curbing and Guttering Bonds of Improvement District No. ....., payable in not exceeding ten years from date, bearing interest, payable annually or semiannually, with interest coupons attached. In all cases the mayor and city council shall assess at one time as a special assessment the total cost of such curbing, or curbing and guttering, upon the property abutting or adjacent to the portion of the street, avenue, or alley so improved, according to the special benefits. Such special assessments shall become delinquent the same as the special assessments for paving, repaving, graveling, or macadamizing purposes, draw the same rate of interest, be subject to the same penalties, and may be paid in the same manner, as special assessments for such purpose. The special assessment shall constitute a sinking fund for the payment of such bonds and interest, and the bonds shall not be sold for less than their par value.


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  • Under prior act, where street had been reduced to grade, and only limited expense was necessary to complete the work, engineer's estimate, advertisement, etc., for bids was not necessary, and city was permitted to pay for such work out of proper city funds. Hilger v. City of Nebraska City, 97 Neb. 268, 149 N.W. 807 (1914).