Nebraska Revised Statute 16-610

Chapter 16 Section 610


Public ways; maintenance and repair.

The mayor and city council shall have the care, supervision and control of all public highways, bridges, streets, alleys, public squares and commons, and shall cause the same to be kept open and in repair and free from nuisances.


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  • Contract between city and state prohibiting parking on designated street was upheld. Vap v. City of McCook, 178 Neb. 844, 136 N.W.2d 220 (1965).

  • Duty devolving on cities and villages to keep streets and sidewalks reasonably safe and fit for travel applies to defects in construction as well as neglect to repair, and the safety required extends to travel by night as well as by day. Village of Plainview v. Mendelson, 65 Neb. 85, 90 N.W. 956 (1902).

  • It is the duty of a city to keep all its streets and bridges in a reasonably safe condition for travel and such care and diligence is not controlled or affected by the fact that they are not as frequently used as some others in the city. City of South Omaha v. Powell, 50 Neb. 798, 70 N.W. 391 (1897).