Nebraska Revised Statute 16-606

Chapter 16


Property; condemnation for streets; assessments; levy; collection.

The city council of a city of the first class may assess and levy the whole expense and damage incurred in the creation of any street, avenue, or alley upon the real property fronting upon the same and other property nearby that may be benefited thereby in proportions according to benefits. Such assessments and levy shall be made by resolution, at a regular meeting of the city council, and notice of the time of such meeting and that such assessments will be made thereat shall be published in a legal newspaper in or of general circulation within the city ten days before such meeting. Such special taxes shall be due and payable to the city treasurer in thirty days after the assessment and levy. At the time of the next certification to the county clerk for general revenue purposes, such special assessment and levy, so far as not then paid, shall be certified to the county clerk and be put upon the tax list and be collected as other real estate taxes are collected, and paid over to the city treasurer to reimburse the city. Such special taxes shall be a lien on the property upon which assessed and levied from the assessment, and shall bear interest at a rate not to exceed the rate of interest specified in section 45-104.01, as such rate may from time to time be adjusted by the Legislature, from the time due until paid. The proceedings for widening streets shall be the same as herein provided for creating new streets, and shall apply to the widening of streets, alleys, and avenues.