Nebraska Revised Statute 16-503

Chapter 16 Section 503


Contracts; concurrence of majority of city council required; vote of mayor; record.

On the passage or adoption of every resolution or order to enter into a contract, or accepting of work done under contract, by the mayor or city council, the yeas and nays shall be called and entered upon the record. To pass or adopt any bylaw or ordinance or any such resolution or order, a concurrence of a majority of the whole number of the members elected to the city council shall be required. The mayor may vote on any such matter when his or her vote will provide the additional vote required to create a number of votes equal to a majority of the number of members elected to the city council, and the mayor shall, for the purpose of such vote, be deemed to be a member of the city council. The requirements of a roll call or viva voce vote shall be satisfied by a city which utilizes an electronic voting device which allows the yeas and nays of each city council member to be readily seen by the public.


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  • Under former law mayor was not authorized to cast deciding vote on acceptance of bid for public works. Day v. City of Beatrice, 169 Neb. 858, 101 N.W.2d 481 (1960).