Nebraska Revised Statute 16-317

Chapter 16


City clerk; duties.

The city clerk of a city of the first class shall have the custody of all laws and ordinances and shall keep a correct journal of the proceedings of the city council. After the period of time specified by the State Records Administrator pursuant to the Records Management Act, the city clerk may transfer such journal of the proceedings of the city council to the State Archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society for permanent preservation. He or she shall also perform such other duties as may be required by the ordinances of the city.


Cross References

  • Records Management Act, see section 84-1220.


  • This section does not require that the minutes of a meeting embody the full text of an ordinance adopted thereat, but they should set forth proceedings showing statutory requirements were complied with and that ordinance identified therein is preserved in a volume or file separate from the minutes. Webber v. City of Scottsbluff, 187 Neb. 282, 188 N.W.2d 214 (1971).