Nebraska Revised Statute 16-304

Chapter 16


City council; members; bond or insurance; payment of premium; amount; conditions.

Each city council member of a city of the first class, before entering upon the duties of his or her office, shall be required to give bond or evidence of equivalent insurance to the city. The bond shall be with two or more good and sufficient sureties or some responsible surety company. If by two sureties, they shall each justify that he or she is worth at least two thousand dollars over and above all debts and exemptions. Such bonds or evidence of equivalent insurance shall be in the sum of one thousand dollars, shall be conditioned for the faithful discharge of the duties of the city council member giving such bond or insurance, and shall be further conditioned that if the city council member shall vote for any expenditure or appropriation of money or creation of any liability in excess of the amount allowed by law, such city council member, and the sureties signing such bond, shall be liable thereon. The bond shall be filed with the city clerk and approved by the mayor, and upon the approval, the city may pay the premium for such bond. Any liability sought to be incurred, or debt created in excess of the amount limited or authorized by law, shall be taken and held by every court of the state as the joint and several liability and obligation of the city council member voting for and the mayor approving such liability, obligation, or debt, and not the debt, liability, or obligation of the city. Voting for or approving of such liability, obligation, or debt shall be conclusive evidence of malfeasance in office for which such city council member or mayor may be removed from office.


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